Milieu Hospitality

Milieu Hospitality is a family business focused on creating elegant spaces of influence, day and night. We are endlessly inspired by Melbourne's varied social fabric and sophisticated food culture, and aim to contribute to both through considered venues that balance humour with a commitment to quality in all things.

Simple Gestures 'We believe offering someone a glass of water is the simplest form of hospitality' Katie McCormack. Photography Scottie Cameron

The act of coming to the table is both instinctive and profound, an opportunity to seek pause and pleasure in the flow of daily life. For us, true hospitality in this experience begins with the simplest of gestures: a cool glass of water, a comfortable chair, and the promise of something delicious to eat. We work from the belief that meaningful service creates the conditions for genuine enjoyment and intimacy, without complicating matters an ounce more.

Day and Night. Film Scottie Cameron

That's why each Milieu Hospitality space is a careful response to its built and natural surrounds, as well as the time and tempo of its making. From a perfectly poured coffee at that vital morning hour, right through to an enriching evening meal, our spaces keep pace with the rhythms and routines of the day.

Response to Place Congress, a meeting place. Photography Morgan Hickinbotham

In keeping with the high calibre of projects led by Milieu Property, Milieu Hospitality has a number of exceptional spaces currently in development. Lagotto and Future Future will be open from mid 2018. For now, we invite you to visit our first venture, Congress, located on the corner of Peel and Wellington Street, Collingwood.

Contact8 Otter St, Collingwood, Vic 3066

Telephone +61 (3) 9699 5000